HMRE Evaluation Data Tool

For more than 15 years, federally funded Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education (HMRE) programs have taught youth, individuals, and couples—either unmarried, married, or co-parenting—how to communicate effectively, manage conflict, identify signs of an unhealthy relationship, and apply other skills found to be important for developing and maintaining healthy and stable family relationships. During this time, large-scale, multi-site federal evaluation studies have assessed the effectiveness of HMRE programming on targeted outcomes.

Our HMRE Evaluation Data Tool orients researchers to measures included in two of these federal evaluations, both of which are publicly available: Supporting Healthy Marriage (SHM) and Building Strong Families (BSF). In addition to orienting users to the participant-level and program-level measures included in the SHM and BSF evaluation studies, the tool also shares when those measures are available. This tool focuses primarily on the direct survey and administrative measures collected, although it does include some constructed measures. Users can compare the availability of measures across data sets to help identify the data set best suited to explore specific topics or questions.

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