Fundamentals of HMRE research, evaluation, and practice

Key reports and articles about the basics of research and evaluation relevant to HMRE, as well as HMRE research and practice

Background information and foundational research on HMRE:

Helpful resources for those wanting to learn more about the basics of research and evaluation relevant to HMRE:

  • Research and Evaluation Capacity Building: A Resource Guide for Child Care and Development Fund Lead Agencies (Revised 2019) – Office of Planning, Research, & Evaluation
    This guide provides a list of written and online resources on important evaluation topics also relevant for HMRE research, including: evaluation design, building organizational capacity, working with evaluators, and working with administrative data.
  • Best Practices for Web-based Surveys – American Evaluation Association
    While programs still largely utilize paper surveys with participants, researchers are beginning to understand the benefits of web-based surveys for relationship education research. This resource provides practical tips and tricks for using web-based survey programs and links to several commercially available online programs.
  • Developing Culturally Responsive Approaches to Serving Diverse Populations: A Resource Guide for Community-Based Organizations – The National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families
    This resource guide identifies easily accessible resources on cultural competency that community based organizations can use to become more responsive to the needs of their targeted populations, and to help attract funds to support their important work. The guide includes defining and understanding cultural competency, choosing appropriate interventions, measurement considerations, and much more!
  • Focus Group Fundamentals – American Evaluation Association
    Have you ever wondered what it would take to hold a focus group? This link provides a tip sheet with guidelines for creating, executing, and reporting on focus groups.
  • Basics of Good Evaluation Reporting – University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Planning and implementing research is only part of the equation. Emerging scholars also must know the proper ways to share evaluation results with multiple audiences. This document is part of a series of Tip Sheets developed by the Program Development & Evaluation Unit of University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. It has questions to consider when reporting evaluation results.

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