Online Programs Improve Relationship Functioning for Distressed Low-Income Couples: Results From a Nationwide Randomized Controlled Trial

This study investigated the effectiveness of two web-based interventions for low-income couples. A total of 742 low-income couples, roughly half of whom were married and the majority of whom had annual household incomes within 200% of the federal poverty level. Couples were recruited nationally and randomized to the OurRelationship program, the ePREP program, or a waitlist control group, and were repeatedly assessed for 6 months using self-report measures of relationship satisfaction, communication conflict, intimate partner violence, emotional support, and breakup potential. Results indicate that brief, web-based interventions can serve a central role in delivering effective services to low-income couples, and that both communication-focused and problem-focused interventions can be successful in improving the relationship functioning of low-income couples. (Edited author abstract)

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